The Paladin

I am going to describe your future self. The version of your future in which you became a Paladin.

I want you to imagine what you are about to read.

Try to picture it, try to feel it.


Your Mind

Your mind has become clear and focused. You’ve learned to manage your emotions with a stoic’s steadiness. Discipline isn’t just a practice for you anymore; it’s a part of who you are, helping you resist short-term temptations. Freed from addictions, you’re now driven by a strong set of personal values that guide your every decision. Your character is rich with qualities like love, empathy, integrity, courage, and resilience. Patience is no longer a challenge; you approach life like chess, making each move with thought and honor, free from the sway of impulses or fears. The path ahead is clear and inviting. Every day, you find yourself growing stronger, and each day feels more fulfilling than the last.

Your Body

You are not just fit; you are physically strong and capable, with the strength and endurance of an athlete. Years of diverse training have shaped your body into a precision instrument of stamina, agility and brute force. Your physique is a testament to your hard work, shaped in a masculine aesthetic. You don’t just look good; you feel strong and vital.

Like your mind, your body has transformed into a sharp weapon. You can run and swim long distances, lift heavy weights, move with agility, fight various martial arts styles, sprint with power, and dance with grace.

This physical prowess makes you feel nearly invincible. It fuels your energy and boosts your confidence. You walk with a sense of confidence and pride, an embodiment of your physical achievements.

Your Life

You’ve achieved financial freedom. Travel has become a significant part of your life, immersing you in new cultures and languages, and you’ve become fluent in several of them. Each month, you dedicate yourself to learning a new skill, continuously expanding your mental toolbox. Your reading habit has grown to about a book a week, enhancing your articulation, especially since you’ve started writing down your thoughts.

Your Family

You spend a lot of time with your fellow Paladin brothers, who have followed similar paths. Many of them have also achieved financial freedom. Together, you travel the world, leaping from one adventure to another, savoring life to its fullest. You collaborate on business deals and investments. Your personal commitment to giving back led to the creation of your charity, with a portion of your income directly supporting this philanthropy. Through your efforts and those of your brothers, you’ve impacted the lives of thousands in need.

Your Love

You’ve found the love of your life. She’s perfect for you. Funny, intelligent & naturally beautiful. Right from the start, you knew she would be there for you through thick and thin. Her smile makes your heart skip a beat. She drives you to be a better man, husband, and someday, a great father. She’s always there, supporting everything you do. You would die for each other.

Your family is proud of what you’ve become. By working on yourself, you discovered new strengths you didn’t know you had. You made your life better, and by doing so, you’ve made the world better too.

A Paladin is the pinnacle of male virtue, a man in flawless equilibrium.

He effortlessly balances brute strength with keen intellect, financial prosperity with moral integrity,
and physical prowess with spiritual depth.

Completely free from any form of cheap pleasure, temptations and addictions. He is a force of good
in this world, truly believing in the actions he takes.

A Paladin’s moral and ethical compass is the foundation on which he builds both his character and

His values define him.

History of the Paladin

The term ‘Paladin’ originated from the legendary knights who served under the rule of Charlemagne,
the 8th-century Emperor of the Franks who fought to unite Western Europe.

The term ‘Paladin’ originated from the legendary knights who served under the rule of Charlemagne,
the 8th-century Emperor of the Franks who fought to unite Western Europe. The Paladin were the elite
forces among his knights, embodying different virtues such as courage, justice and loyalty. They were
not just warriors; they were also scholars, advisers and guardians of their kingdom.

This diverse toolkit of skill and knowledge paired with their values elevated them to the status of the

Over the centuries the Paladin had to future proof their credo. They realized that too many rules and
laws will be outdated in a few hundred years, as history moves on.

Something timeless was of need, something that could be universally applied.

Centuries ago, today, and millennial in the future.

Principles of character that stand the test of time.

Modern Paladin

As time moved on, the battlefield evolved.

Modern Paladin have traded their metal armor for tactical gear and business suits, but they are no
less dangerous.

A Paladin remains a weapon for the greater good—fine-tuned in both body and mind.

This is your potential, This is who you could be.

But how? How do you break your porn addiction? How do you become a man of such
substance and character? How do you become a modern Paladin?

Although yes, times have changed and Paladin don’t ride on horseback into battle anymore, the
principles have stayed the same.

Courage, Strength, Wisdom and…


The first three principles are what a Paladin is, what he embodies, what he lives.

The fourth however, loyalty to the Brotherhood, is how he becomes a Paladin in the first place.

The people closest to you, the people you call friends, the ones we call our brothers, either make or
break you.


You need a strong Brotherhood